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Lawn Mowing

Your lawn needs to be mowed regularly to keep your grass healthy and looking great. Forget about sweating under the heat of the sun and getting bit by mosquitoes. Let our team provide exceptional lawn care maintenance to your lawn.

We guarantee to keep it lush, green, and the envy in your neighborhood. Our team can give you the manicured, vibrant green look that you’ve always dreamed of.

Lawn Fertilizer Service

The composition of soil in your area is one of the biggest factors that affect your lawn’s health. Soils can become nutrient deficient for several reasons. That’s why you need a good fertilizer service to provide the nutrients that your soil needs.

Our lawn fertilizer services can fit your specific needs. We provide multiple fertilizer options for all types of soil.

Lawn Seeding Services

Seeding your lawn is an integral part of having the yard of your dreams. Our lawn seeding services will ensure that your lawn is seeded correctly to create the lush, full grass you always wanted. We can help you determine the best type of grass that will work well for your yard.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is vital in improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn. It helps your lawn better absorb the nutrients needed to balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the root areas.

Our lawn aeration service can make sure that your lawn continues to flourish year-round. We use the best techniques and equipment to ensure that lawn aeration is done correctly.

Sod Installation

Our sod installation process is professional and effective. Our experts will examine and evaluate your property to determine the best option. We will then review your options and suggest the best sod types for you to have installed. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best sod installation service.


The appearance of your property is very important. It reflects your image to your visitors and the entire neighborhood. Family Tree Lawn care knows how to apply landscaping to enhance property values.

We specialize in creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. We are everything a landscaping company should be- professional and reliable.

Pine Straw Spreading

Family Tree Lawn Care offers pine straw spreading services. We understand that applying pine straw can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you have a large property.

Our specialists can spread your pine straw efficiently and effectively. Our pine straw spreading service can help create a perfect ground for almost any type of property.


Mulch is laid on the topmost layer of the soil around your plants to prevent weeds from growing. It also promotes nutrition in the soil.

If you are in doubt whether you need mulch for your landscaping, we are here to help. We can assess your lawn and make suggestions for keeping your soil healthy.


One of the most important aspects of landscaping is water. A well-designed irrigation system is the most effective way to ensure your landscape gets the right amount of water.

Our team can design and install an irrigation system for your property. We customize every system to meet the needs of your landscapes. We use only the best parts and timers, and we stand by our work.

Tree Trimming and Cutting

The ravishing look of your landscape may suffer when you have dead trees or trees infected with pests and insects. In the same way, overhanging branches can be a hazard for coastal areas, especially during hurricane season.

Our tree trimming service will not only make your trees visually pleasing. It will also increase your property value over time.

Bush Hog

Bush hogging is the process of using larger mowers attached to tractors to handle any extremely grown areas. Our experience and top-of-the-line equipment allow us to handle various terrains like field mowing, vacant lots, and pasture mowing.

Our skilled lawn technicians can take your unruly area and leave behind a beautifully landscaped paradise. Our bush hogging service allows us to clean up your property quickly.

Land Clearing

Whether you just have a property with a lot of acreage and undergrowth or just purchased land for new construction, you will find yourself in need of a professional tree service company. Family Tree Lawn Care can provide you with a comprehensive land clearing services you need to clear your land and keep it looking its best.

Skid Steer Work

If you need help in completing projects around your property or in moving materials, we can help you. We offer skid steer services in the area of Bradenton and its neighboring communities.

Our vast experience and expertise are what set us apart in this business. We make the work easy for you. We have the right standard of heavy equipment to assist you in your needs.


Call us today to learn more about our services. We also offer free estimates on any of our lawn services! We proudly serve Carnesville, Georgia, and Franklin County, Georgia.
Lawn Service
“John and family did a superior job with my lawn. It was a huge project that included brush and tree removal and general lawn care. My yard was transformed from a bushy, messy, nightmare to a clean slate. I cannot praise Family Tree Lawn Care enough. I highly recommend them!.”

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Lawn Service
“It went great – John show up just when he said he would. He contacted me about what we wanted done and he made sure it was all completed. Our yard looks great and he’s coming back to put down mulch in the back yard for us. **We have a very small yard so the price we were charged is not typical.”

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Leave the work to professionals!

Let Family Tree Lawn Care keep your yard looking great all the time. Whatever your lawn needs are, we can tend to them for you.

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